Know Your Hunger

The Snapshots We Carry

We not only have the power to alter the filter of our past snapshots; we possess the ability to transform the mental photos on their way.

The Most Dangerous Word

Should is a weed of a word, surreptitiously preventing our emotional garden from flourishing. We can remove the “should’ in our garden and replace them with words that nourish–words like “need” and “want.”

Relationship Choosing is HARD

Intuition speaks to us by highlighting negative feelings and outward symptoms. It offers more and more unpleasant sensations, unrelenting until we are ready to pay attention.

Want to Break a Habit?

We are the stories we tell ourselves. A habit is just a thought you continue to think. Like a toddler, a change in routine is likely to cause a “temper tantrum,” the mind’s defiance against new neural pathways.

My Therapist, Kenny Rogers

There’s something about turning 50 that feels symbolic. It’s the chronological wake-up call to take stock of life, standing on the precipice of life’s past and the unknown future that’s left.

Starbucks Saves Lives

Starbucks doesn’t “cap” kindness and compassion. Breaks and time with family are encouraged. Education is encouraged. Healthcare and wellness are encouraged.

My Date with a Billionaire

There’s nothing like preparing for a date with a billionaire to remind someone of what really matters.

Thankful of Steroids

Humor is an undervalued form of medicine. It makes life’s challenging arrows more palatable.


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