Know Your Hunger

Proprioceptive Thinking: The Sixth Sense

Not all of us are writers. Some of us find meditation in running or baking or gardening….The 6th sense is the invaluable gift we all have to synthesize our five senses.

An Alternate Reality

Consider your own life and how you perceive it. If there’s an area you aren’t happy with, how might you alter your understanding of it? Each moment is a gift for you to interpret and manifest a different reality.

The Power of Belief

We don’t need to acquire pneumonia or cancer to alter our beliefs. We can choose to believe that things are always working out for us; we can choose love over fear; we can choose to trust ourselves; we can choose faith.

A Latent Choice

When we make a choice to collaborate with our brain, we are altering our lives in the direction our hearts want to flow. This is not positive thinking; this is PROACTIVE thinking.

A Dish for the Soul: Empathy

It is okay to feel uncomfortable in this life. When we practice self-compassion, we are more apt to feel compassion for others. When one of us suffers, we are all suffering; when we acknowledge our discomfort, our anxiety, our anger, or our hurt from a place of compassion, true healing can begin.

Thank You, Langston Hughes

I want each of us to remember that, despite how painful life can get at times, we always have a choice to be kind. This is not a call to be a doormat.

The Happiness Test

We are spiritual Russian dolls in this life, living with the layers of who we were at each stage and carrying those perceptions with us along the way. We are the 6th grade boy, horrified and angry by other kids’ cruel words; we may also be the girl who laughs at the pain of others because deep down, we aren’t happy with ourselves.

The Unspoken Struggle

Since the pandemic, we know there’s been a rise in mental health concern. It is no surprise then that our adolescents are demonstrating an increase in anxiety and depression as well.

The Gift of a New Year

Humankind is emotionally starving for a return to normal. Deep down, we wonder if we will ever return to normal. If we grow still, we wonder if our pre-COVID world was all rainbows and unicorns anyway. We revel in silver linings found throughout this roller coaster of a year; we ask ourselves: What is normal anyway??

The Gift of a Broken Pipe

Going sans water for any amount of time is challenging, but not having water in the midst of a pandemic after working outside both that day and the next, well…let’s just say I wasn’t looking forward to the experience.


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