Know Your Hunger

A Different Type of Mirror

Our often divisively perceived modern world is a mirror, reflecting back to us the parts of us that need acknowledgement and compassion.

Burying Yourself in Dating

My friend, in an effort to protect her already broken heart, is deceiving herself and, by extension, the men she is meeting. It’s a tangled mess only to be cleared up through the inner work she needs to do. Denial is the Chinese finger trap of healing: the more we fight to deny the truth, the harder it is to break free and live the life we are meant to live.

Before You Chose Your New Year’s Resolution…

The WHY is the oxygen supply of motivation. The HOW challenges our assumptions and potential roadblocks. HOW your life may be different requires you to get specific and real with yourself. It’s no longer enough to think in cliches.

Want to Face Your Fear?

There are those who love a scary horror flick and loathe the idea of public speaking. Yet both activities manifest some kind of adrenaline. It is the mind’s interpretation of each event that makes all the difference, determining which you perceive as fun and which as frightening.

Did You Hear Yourself?

When we focus externally on the world around us, without taking stock of how we interpret it, we can lose our way. Hyper-focusing on the WHAT IFS in our external world prevents us from appreciating where we dwell in the present.

The Silent Thanksgiving Guest

The labels we give our experiences aren’t “real”; it’s only the mind “doing what minds do” that makes it FEEL real. Each of us has the power to create a different interpretation.

Ferberizing Your Teen

Who knew teenagers could use some Ferberizing?? Ferberizing is based on the idea of self-soothing. Teens face a panoply of challenges and stressors that fosters a great need for self-soothing.

What’s Your Story?

What causes us to react so differently to similar situations? What causes one person alone on a Saturday night to feel sorry for himself and another to relish his own company? Consider an invisible but very real player in all of our lives…

Where Are You?

When we try to detach and observe–even the negative reactions around and within us–we spend more time living in the moment.

What Were You Thinking?

Reflective writing gives us the opportunity to hear our thoughts. This Saturday, October 30th, I am hosting a workshop designed to ignite your inner compass through a specific form of reflective writing.


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