Know Your Hunger

What Wealth Feels Like

Despite having the “value, resources, and supply” in fiscal abundance, I was living an impoverished life in other aspects. A friend recently referred to my life before as “a canary trapped in a gilded cage.”

What They Don’t Tell You About Childbirth

Whether you are reading this as an expectant mom or someone suffering with the whispers of back pain, I share with you what I wish someone had told me: pregnancy alters our pelvic and therefore, our spinal structure.

The Space Between Life and Death

This fleeting time between life and death is a gift. It’s life’s brevity that makes each moment matter. Mortality is like caffeine for the soul–a wakeup call to make moments matter.

Did You Just Cancel Yourself?

Fear itself is the all terrain vehicle for cancel culture: the unspoken “what if” that is temporarily flattened when attacking another. It’s temporary because…the next person to be canceled could be you.

The Bar Date or the Coffee Date?

Matthew wants to get laid; Samantha wants to experience a romantic relationship. Their different goals cause the other to shake their head.

The Subtle Signs of Control

Controlling relationships manifest in all forms: romantic, friendship, family, and professional. Like the allegorical frog that is put in a pot of water that, ever so slowly, gets warmer, we can often miss the early, subtle signs that we are about to experience a “slow death.”

Thank You, Matt Haig!

Haig’s writing is food for the soul, nourishing our hearts with the poignant reminder that what we do matters

Earning Vulnerability

Vulnerability has two sides: the willingness to look within and the willingness to be seen or known by another. Both involve risk….Getting “real” with ourselves is no journey for the faint-hearted.

Are You Wearing Emotional Spanks?

Authenticity not only boosts one’s potential on social media; it nourishes our relationships….The greater risk is to keep the emotional Spanx on and live a lie with yourself and your partner.

The Dating Game

Our perception creates our reality. When it comes to dating, the myriad of emotions we can experience feel so personal, so real. But like the weather in the sky, our emotions are temporary. When it’s raining outside, we don’t take it personally. Likewise, when we experience a negative emotion, we are not the emotion itself.


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