Know Your Hunger

Feeling Torn?

There is nothing wrong with a desire to socialize or even embrace one’s culture. The caveat arrives when we tend to measure our well-being externally, relegating our inner needs and knowing to the equivalent of a second-class citizen.

Calling All (Student) Writers!

Calling all student writers and artists! This is a HUGE opportunity for you to get published and break the Guinness World Records title for the largest published book in the world!

“Who’s the Storyteller?”

Whether we are crafting a tale on the page or forming one in our real lives, we need to be cognizant of the story we and others are potentially perceiving.

Dating Red Flag: The Smooth Operator

It hurts when someone plays with your heart. It hurts because it’s painful to know that there are people out there who treat dating like a game, who prefer to find pleasure in cruelly leading someone on instead of engaging in an authentic conversation.

Dating Myth: The Closing Window

The “closing window” is a myth, an illusion perpetuated by the cousin of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This fear causes men and women alike to make choices out of some invisible pressure cooker.

The Illusion of Memory

Yes, our perceptions create our reality, but our past perceptions do so as well. Our memories are like the wake of a ship, offering a trail of perceptions that buoy us along to the ever present. We have the power to consider that trail and perceive it through a different lens and by extension, shift the course of our present and future.

Are the Walls Closing In? Consider Joining Us: May 22nd at 1PM

Something must change. Our teens are hungry for change. This Saturday, May 22nd…we will offer a 1-hour workshop for adolescents to experience a powerful opportunity to shift their perspective through writing, yoga, and meditation. The workshop is designed to empower and increase a sense of inner peace that students can take with them.

The Momentum of Stress

When we regularly tell ourselves ‘it’s hopeless, things never work out for me,’ or a slew of other fatalistic misconceptions, the Universe mirrors back to us “proof” that our belief was correct.

Adolescent Depression and the One-Inch Picture Frame

Consider the idea that you are in one picture frame of your life right now–that’s just it, one frame. And while that frame might look overwhelming or render you numb or any other negative emotion…it is simply one frame. The frame, however unbearable, WILL pass.

Small Talk: Benefit or Risk?

Mathias Mehl’s findings regarding our tendency to find happiness through small talk may be true, but if that small talk signals another to lay down on the metaphorical Freudian couch, perhaps we need to refrain from trivial banter with people holding sharp objects.


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