Know Your Hunger

What We Can Learn from Butterflies

The pandemic has created a forced pause button on the world’ we are currently not much different than the butterfly in its pupa stage. Even the amazing doctors, nurses, janitors, Amazon workers…even they are forced to alter their way of doing things. We are all, like the mysterious insect who must morph.

The TV of the Mind

If we think of the mind as a TV, we can objectify the mind. We can watch the thoughts, but we don’t need to act on those thoughts. We can observe facts without reacting to them. We are not our mind, and our mind is not in control. We are the observer of the mind.

The Dish that Calms…Everyone

The vagus is the longest nerve in the human body….When we demonstrate an act of kindness to ourselves and others, we are literally helping to regulate our heart.

The Key to a Healthy Relationship

Relationships offer a spiritual mirror to who we are. When we get into an argument with a loved one or colleague, we are given the opportunity to learn who we are.

Nostalgia, Not Regression

There’s a reason we call it growing pains….To go beyond something that can shake us up, ejecting us from our comfort zones.

The Only Way Out

Our relationships, all of them, provide an opportunity for us to know ourselves better. Once I embraced the pain of losing my husband, I was able to embrace myself in a way that rendered me more grounded and comfortable in my own skin than before I even knew him.

A New Way to Measure Success

We all possess the ability to find joy, regardless of our circumstances. When we measure our success by the sense of pleasure that we experience, instead of the external world that will continue to alter, we are living a successful life.

Feeling Torn?

There is nothing wrong with a desire to socialize or even embrace one’s culture. The caveat arrives when we tend to measure our well-being externally, relegating our inner needs and knowing to the equivalent of a second-class citizen.

Calling All (Student) Writers!

Calling all student writers and artists! This is a HUGE opportunity for you to get published and break the Guinness World Records title for the largest published book in the world!

“Who’s the Storyteller?”

Whether we are crafting a tale on the page or forming one in our real lives, we need to be cognizant of the story we and others are potentially perceiving.


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