Know Your Hunger

Adolescent Depression and the One-Inch Picture Frame

Consider the idea that you are in one picture frame of your life right now–that’s just it, one frame. And while that frame might look overwhelming or render you numb or any other negative emotion…it is simply one frame. The frame, however unbearable, WILL pass.

Small Talk: Benefit or Risk?

Mathias Mehl’s findings regarding our tendency to find happiness through small talk may be true, but if that small talk signals another to lay down on the metaphorical Freudian couch, perhaps we need to refrain from trivial banter with people holding sharp objects.

Trigger Happy

What if we could look at the cause of one’s trigger as an opportunity to grow? What if we considered our triggers as gifts to open and observe rather than Jack-in-the-boxes to avoid at all costs?

The Parent Trust

We all know helicopter parenting is a “no-no.” Yet there’s a more subtle, more insidious variety of helicopter parenting that we might be demonstrating to our kids…

The “I’m Sorry” Diet

We all deserve to feel empowered; we all deserve to be a source of comfort. When we make a conscious effort to choose when to apologize, we are doing both.

What Matters Most…(It’s NOT What You Think:-)

How you feels matters, so make your inner state a priority. Reading these words now, you can choose to relax your shoulders and smooth your forehead; you can choose to take a deep inhalation and focus on things you find pleasing. The butterfly effect of these small inner changes creates unseen yet impactful, significant consequences to the world around you.

A Reason is Not an Excuse

I look at Jim McIngvale, owner of Gallery Furniture. Every day and night, McIngvale opened the doors to his furniture stores, offering anyone who didn’t have food, shelter, heat or water to come by his store and stay as long as they needed. One never needs a reason to be thoughtful nor search for an excuse to defend it.

Proprioceptive Thinking: The Sixth Sense

Not all of us are writers. Some of us find meditation in running or baking or gardening….The 6th sense is the invaluable gift we all have to synthesize our five senses.

An Alternate Reality

Consider your own life and how you perceive it. If there’s an area you aren’t happy with, how might you alter your understanding of it? Each moment is a gift for you to interpret and manifest a different reality.


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