Know Your Hunger

My Date with a Billionaire

There’s nothing like preparing for a date with a billionaire to remind someone of what really matters.

Thankful of Steroids

Humor is an undervalued form of medicine. It makes life’s challenging arrows more palatable.


Education is all about offering tools to empower. Writing is one of those foundational tools. Our world is literally built on words; it is the machinery that drives innovation and self-awareness.

I Just Overdosed

When we tune inwards for guidance, we find balance; we are better equipped to hear the opinions of others without INGESTING them.

Oreo Cookie Thinking

Black or white thinking is a form of cognitive distortion that we all have to some extent. Believe things are all good or bad, right or wrong.

The Day She Snapped

My friend is a single mom. Everything has been on her. As her son was growing, there were several small occasions when her son spoke down to her and my friend placated or ignored the disrespectful behavior.

Walking on Eggshells?

Abusers don’t like to lose. Especially ones without the capacity for self-reflection.

Looking for Sweet Revenge?

I get it: you’re hurt. Angry. Hungry for justice. But…the idea of punishing someone else will only inflict more pain back onto you.

Letting Our Kids Fail

One of my kids is struggling. Struggling to make a decision. Afraid to make the wrong one.


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