Is your relationship lackluster? What can we do about relationships that are simply unfulfilling?

For starters, look at your intimate relationships as a diet. What kind of a meal plan are you on? If it’s mostly junk and empty calories, then you can be sure there is an emotional void.

There’s a simple solution: You can achieve proper care and feeding of your intimate relationships through deep introspection. If you know yourself and are well-acquainted with your own soul first, then this becomes second nature.

How can you make sure your intimate relationships are well-fed? By using a monkey and a bunch of fun food analogies, of course!

Get ready to experience: 

  • Analogies that are second to none
  • Insights from the author’s own personal experience to drive those analogies home
  • Views on relationships related to a healthy diet and how to feed them the right things
  • Practical tips and advice on nurturing yourself to be your best
  • A place after each chapter to write and reflect
  • A one-of-a-kind book on relationships

“The Friendship Diet is not only a great book, it’s a lifestyle! Friendship and dating is unbelievably complicated and Sheri helps us navigate through it with hilarious stories and relatable analogies.  Do yourself a favor and put yourself on The Friendship Diet!”

Bobby Kesselman, The Diamond Dude wedding entrepreneur and Family Guy and American Dad voice actor

The Friendship Diet is a succulent, stimulating, funny and insightful perspective on relationships. This is by no means a “How to Date” book, not at all: this is a profound analytical examination of who we allow ourselves to become when we venture into relationships without the knowledge of who we are and what we really want and deserve. The Friendship Diet will challenge you to face your fears and be better because of it. Be brave, step forward and allow this wonderful book to guide you through the rollercoaster ride of relationships. You never know…you might find your true inner self in the process.

Ricardo Rivadeneira, Voice Over Artist and Radio Host

If you’re looking for soul-centered relationship advice, this is the book for you! Sheri Jacobs invites readers to stop grazing at the buffet of dating culture and start nourishing themselves from the table of self-fulfillment. Sheri exposes where our cultural narratives of love, desire, self-worth, and commitment have gone wrong and invites readers to reconnect with their truth. This is a witty, inspiring, compassionate, and tenacious read. Let Sheri help you find the right date by guiding you to become your best self. As she so perfectly writes in the book, “You’ll never starve on the Friendship Diet.”

Paige Duke, Editor

“Just as we make unhealthy food choices, Sheri Jacobs illuminates our almost identical tendency to make unhealthy relationship choices in our quest to feed the hunger in our hearts and souls.”

Steve Bernstein, author, activist, mentor for at risk teens, and plumber

Sheri Jacobs

Sheri is a literacy Education Manager, professional voiceover artist, and a commercial and theatre actress. She uses her gifts as a public speaker and comedic storyteller to help men and women feed themselves on a diet of fulfilling relationships. Sheri is a two-time finalist in THEMA’s short story contest and received Honorable Mention for a short story at Glimmer Train Literacy.