About Sheri

Sheri Jacobs shows how the buffet line of dating culture is only good for grazing.

If you truly want lasting relationships, then you must nourish yourself from the table of self-fulfillment. It’s time for you to create true and lasting change for yourself. Sheri will help you do that through her series of witty analogies. You will understand relationships like never before.

A former ELA teacher, Sheri is the Education Manager for the non-profit iWRITE, a professional voiceover artist, and a commercial and theatre actress. She uses her gifts as a public speaker and comedic storyteller to help men and women feed themselves on a diet of fulfilling relationships. Her writing accolades include a published children’s book called Dream Write aimed at showing kids how to turn fear into empowerment. Sheri is also a two-time finalist in THEMA’s short story contest and received Honorable Mention for a short story at Glimmer Train Literacy.